Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday 3/31 Call to Action

Thank goodness it's Friday.
1. This week has been a hard one for the environment and women's health care. Will we ever see the day when Mother Earth and mothers of the next generation get the respect they deserve?
* VP Pence makes the tie breaking vote to defund Planned Parenthood (the day after attending a women's empowerment event)…/mike-pence-breaks-senate-ti…
*The House passes bills further crippling the EPA…/house-passes-bill-stopping-epa-f…/
*President Trump created his own executive order against the EPA…/white-house-take-aim-obama-era-cli…
*Scott Pruitt says, "To hell with science!" and allows the use of a dangerous pesticide.…/politics/epa-insecticide-chlorpyr…
*In local news, Minnesota's bees took a hit at the Capitol…/pollinator-protections-facing-obst…
2. Drip, drip, drip. The Russia saga continues
The sources of the leaked information Rep Devin Nunes received during last weeks White House rendezvous have been revealed. Read more about it here:…/devin-nunes-intelligence-reports.…
And now Micheal Flynn is asking for immunity in exchange for his testimony.…/bfd48584-159f-11e7-ada0-14…
We have got to continue to push for an independent investigation on this Trump/Russia affair. It is time for Nunes to step down. Continue to call your representative and senators and remind them. Be that squeaky wheel!
3.. The Trump/Russia scandal is so very big it eclipses many of the other important stories happening in current events. Rachel Maddow makes a great argument that we need to be mindful of what is occurring while we are distracted. Watch it here:
Trump scandals risk inuring Americans to government corruption…/trump-scandals-risk-inuring-american… via MSNBC
Take the time today to call or email your representative and senators. Have a heart to heart with them about the events that occurred this week. How can they behave as if all is business as usual when the evidence points towards the opposite? We must insist that our leaders abide by the law and make ethical decisions.
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Dont forget!
Saturday 4/1 Health Care Town Hall Meeting w/ local legislators
10 a.m.-12 p.m. Metcalf Junior High
2250 Diffley Rd, Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
Finally, a quote and a song from Lizzo, whom I am lucky enough to see in concert tonight. See you soon Lizzo!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday 3/30 Call to Action

Happy Thursday! Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to TPOM Happy Hour last night. It was a lovely evening. This will be an attenuated version of the CTA because I am tired. :)
1. Ugh. They are doing it again! The House GOP is considering putting the American Health Care Act to a vote again next week. Good gravy. I guess it's time to call again.…/house-gop-said-to-weigh-another…
2. Russia/Trump Business vs. FBI Investigation
Check out this post here. Do what it says.
Look at what is doing. I hope it gets some traction.…
3. Local Business: HF 386 Tax Breaks for Private/Religious Schools. This bill is going for a vote today. It will take money away from Minnesota's general funds to give tax breaks to people who donate to religious/private schools. I asked my state congressman, Tony Jurgens, (who is on the committee) if there was an option for people to donate to public schools for a tax break and his answer was "I don't know". Watch the videos to learn other reasons this bill is yucky. Call your representative early or send them an email.
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Now go have an awesome day! Enjoy some Gorillaz while you're at it. Gorillaz-Dare

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday 3/29 Call to Action

Yesterday, DJ Trump signed an executive order (EO) cutting many of the policies put in place by President Obama. Read more about it here:…/trump-takes-aim-at-a-centerpiece-of-ob…
According to Rachel Maddow, the EO is expected to be tied up in litigation for about a year. It is horrible but we have time to work against it.
1. Let's start by going local.
HF 888-Omnibus environment and natural resources finance bill.…
According to Watch Your Reps MN, "Environmental and Natural Resources Omnibus Bill, guts the jurisdiction of the Environmental Quality Board and allows companies to draft their own environmental impact assessments to give to the board. Prohibits the state from adopting any rules that ban lead shot. While a ban should be a tool of last resort, we should not take tools permanently off the table. Makes it so landowners do not have to comply with riparian buffer requirements unless the state offers to pay 100% of the costs." The bill also takes away approximately 90 million dollars from environmental programs.
The HF 888 is so bad, Rep. Rick Hansen (DFL-South Saint Paul) took his name off of the bill. The bill, was originally a reflection of Governor Dayton’s budget, but has changed dramatically during the committee process.
Rep. Hansen, the DFL Lead on the Environment and Natural Resources Committee, released the following statement:
“Today I removed my name as an author of the Environment Finance Bill. What was once a bipartisan effort has devolved into partisan politics of cutting state programs and veto bait for the Governor. Instead of focusing on the budget, this bill has more than 80 pages of policy provisions that roll back environmental protections. It rolls back Governor Dayton’s buffer initiative, guts the Environmental Quality Board, and cuts $94 million from current funding that protects our air, water, and natural resources. The people of Minnesota don’t want to cut programs for outdoor recreation or that keep our water and air clean. I cannot lend my name to such a bill any longer.”
Rep. Rick Hansen (DFL-South Saint Paul) is the DFL-Lead on the House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Finance. Rep. Hansen has authored nation leading legislation on pollinator and environmental protections.
This House will be voting on this on Thursday. Take time today and call your state representative and senator today. Let them know how important these environmental programs are to you.
2. Another Local Action-Early Education Budget Cuts
The republican budget falls about $500 million short of Governor Dayton's intention to fund early education programs in Minnesota. Check out these articles.…/education-bill-would-eliminate-ear……/4241792-early-childhood-education-…
Call your state representative and senator and let them know education is important to you.
3. U.S. legislation. Today is a good day to revisit issues from earlier. Instead of rehashing them all here, feel free to pay a visit to The Power of Many blog.
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
4. Out and About
Today! Wednesday, 3/29 The Power of Many Happy Hour!!!
7-9 p.m. The Happy Gnome 498 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55102
Saturday 4/1 Health Care Town Hall Meeting w/ local legislators
10 a.m.-12 p.m. Metcalf Junior High
2250 Diffley Rd, Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
5. Finally, a bit of good news. Check out this statement from Senator Amy Klobuchar. A great reminder that your phone calls, letters and office visits make a difference. :)…/index.cfm/news-releases…

Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen perform This Land is Your Land live at "We are one" Obama…

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday 3/27 Call to Action

It's Tuesday! I feel like current events in the age of the Trump administration are like a giant Whack-a-Mole game. The second you try to focus on one thing, three other things pop up that warrant attention. Whew!
1. Trump's Budget Proposal
The content of Trump's proposed budget is vast and difficult to swallow. This will be an ongoing call to action. For now, work of familiarizing yourself with what the budget contains. In the future, we can pick of bits and pieces of it to focus on. If you are feeling up to speed, by all means contact your senators and let them know what you think.
Check out this blog post by Legislative Action: Yes We are Watching. It is a comprehensive overview of the budget.…/w…/
Senator Amy Klobuchar shared this information on how the proposed budget would affect rural Minnesotans.
Thirdly, here is a piece of the budget proposal's affect on scientific research:…/in-trumps-budget-the-unw…/…
2. HR 610 To distribute Federal funds for elementary and secondary education in the form of vouchers for eligible students and to repeal a certain rule relating to nutrition standards in schools (That's really the title!)…/115th-con…/house-bill/610/actions
The Trump administration (Betsy DeVos) and the GOP are hellbent on dismantling the Department of Education. Here's what the Washington Post said: "The bill would, as explained by the Congressional Research Service, repeal the current version of the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 and only allow the Education Department to award block grants to qualified states. It would have no other powers."
This bill is currently being considered by the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. Those of you in District 2, Jason Lewis is on that committee.
This article contains a talking point for calling your representative and senators:…
3. S. J. Resolution 34
 Today the senate will be voting to roll back Obama Era internet protections. The GOP would like to allow big companies (i.e., Comcast) to sell your internet activity data. Here is more information from Countable:…/sjres34-115-a-joint-resolution-p…
Make this your fist call this morning.
4. Out and About
Today, 3/28 Protest for Gun Safety @ Capitol Building, St. Paul
10:45 a.m. HF896 - Public Safety Omnibus Bill.
11:30 a.m. HF238 - Stand your ground gun law
Today, 3/28 12-1 p.m.
#ResistTrumpTuesday at Senator Klobuchar's Office w/ MoveOn.Orgpin (Go encourage her to vote no on Gorsuch!)
1200 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415-1227, United States
Wednesday, 3/29 The Power of Many Happy Hour!!!
7-9 p.m. The Happy Gnome 498 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55102
Saturday 4/1 Health Care Town Hall Meeting w/ local legislators
10 a.m.-12 p.m. Metcalf Junior High
2250 Diffley Rd, Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
Finally, a song dedicated to our representatives who just won't have a town hall. We are going to getcha! (in a completely civilized way, of course)  Blondie-One Way or Another

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Monday 3/27 Call to Action

Welcome to Monday! I hope you all had a stress free weekend. Are you recharged and ready to go?
1. Independent Investigation
Rep. Nunes has gone off the rails. Boy oh boy, there is a lot going on. Check out this recap from The Washington Post:…/2c95ade2-1096-11e7-9b0d-d2…
Rep. Adam Schiff believes that there needs to be an independent investigation to get to the bottom of the Trump/Russia connection. I tend to agree. Listen to Rep. Schiff here:
Here's a local article about it from the Star Tribune:…/…/
Call your representative today. If they haven't already make a public statement about an independent investigation, ask them to do so now.
2. Neil Gorsuch, Supreme Court Nomination
The fantastic Senator Al Franken has publicly stated that he will vote against Gorsuch for Supreme Court justice. Check it out here:…/26/al-franken-no-neil-gors…/
Unfortunately, there are rumors that Senator Amy Klobuchar is considering a yes vote. Even if you have called before, take a moment to call her office again and urge her to vote no.
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
3. Local government will be very busy in the next few weeks. This is a great time to get active in your Minnesota government.
This is from my pal Dana at Stand Up Minnesota:
Representative Cornish has added Stand Your Ground (HF0238) as a stand alone bill (not part of the omnibus bill) to this Tuesday's hearing in the Public Safety. It is VERY important that we spend the weekend and Monday flooding the GOP members of the committee with phone calls and emails. Also, reach out to family and friends who are constituents of these representatives.…
Especially contact Tony Cornish, committee chair, the vice-chair Brian Johnson and the DFL lead Debra Hilstrom.
Here is a link to a Protect MN document with talking points on this bill.…/
Protect MN also would like to have a strong showing at the hearing, wearing orange and they suggest arriving as much as an hour early! The hearing is currently scheduled for 11:30 in Room 10 of the Minnesota State Office Building, St Paul, MN. They have changed the time and location of this hearing once already.
Lots of other local issues happening. Learn more at Watch Your Reps MN ( or Indivisible MN Local.
4. Get yourself out of the house!
Monday, 3/27 Tell Jason Lewis: Improve Don't Repeal the ACA
4-5:30 p.m. 2805 Cliff Rd E, Burnsville, MN 55337-3301, United States
Wednesday, 3/29 The Power of Many Happy Hour!!!
7-9 p.m. The Happy Gnome 498 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55102
Saturday 4/1 Health Care Town Hall Meeting w/ local legislators
10 a.m.-12 p.m. Metcalf Junior High
2250 Diffley Rd, Burnsville, Minnesota 55337

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday 3/24 Call to Action

 "The rules are, there ain't no rules." -Leo, Scorpions member.
Does anyone else feel like that quote sums up our government lately? Any rhyme, reason or sense of normalcy has gone out the window. Will we ever get it back? That's anyone's guess.
 My goal for today was to address Trump's awful budget proposal. I think we must stick a pin in that and focus on some leftovers that still need tending.
(Extra credit: Who can tell me from which movie the quote above originates?)
1. American Health Care Act
Wait, the AHCA hasn't been passed yet? Nope. I want you to take a moment and be present in the fact that what you are doing is making a difference. The House GOP did not have the support to pass this dumpy bill and the vote was postponed. YOU DID THAT. You.
Watch this clip from Rachel Maddow:
Massive, nationwide protest changed course of GOP anti-ACA plan…/massive-nationwide-protest-changed-c… via @msnbc
Want some more? Here you go.
Sanders: Donald Trump lied about protecting working people…/sanders-donald-trump-lied-about-prot… via @msnbc
This is not over by far. The vote could very well go forward today. Right now the GOP is working with the Freedom Caucus, (the rightest of the right side of the House) to remove essential health care benefits. Small things like:
ER services
Maternity and newborn care
Mental health and substance use disorder services
Prescription drugs
Lab tests
Preventative, wellness and chronic disease management
If you think those benefits are important (Who needs babies, right?) and you have a GOP representative, you need to keep calling. You need to make a big stink. Take a video of yourself explaining why health care is important to you. Tweet it to me (@IndivisibleMN) and I will send it out. Make an office visit. Write an email. The vote may happen this morning so the time to act is now.
2. Still have time and gumption? Call Senator Klobuchar. Rumor goes that some democratic senators are considering voting for Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. Tell her to vote NO. Encourage her to filibuster with Sen. Schumer.
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
3. Looking for something to do this weekend? Attend a town hall! If you know of an event not listed below, please add it to the comments.
Saturday 3/25 Betty McCollum Town Hall 10-11 a.m.
1600 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105-1801, United States
Saturday 3/25 Jason Lewis Town Hall (with or without him) 3-5 pm
1340 Wescott Rd, Eagan, Minnesota 55123
What do you know? This house is falling apart. We're gonna rattle this ghost town. Happy weekend.
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday 3/23 Call to Action

Thursday Call to Action
1. While you were sleeping our congressmen and women were up all night busily whittling away at what was already the terrible American Health Care Act. Rumor has it they created loopholes and limits that will give insurance companies the ability to deny you coverage. According to CNN, as of 1 a.m. they had not reached a decision. What happens today is anyone's guess. The vote was scheduled for 7 p.m. tonight. There is still time to call your representative and make a fuss (Lewis, Emmer, Paulsen). Feel free to send out a tweet. If you add @IndivisibleMN I will retweet you.…/…/22/politics/house-health-care-bill/
Check out this Twitter thread from Andy Slavitt:
2. The plot thickens...and thickens...and thickens.
It turns out, Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's original campaign manager and all around bad dude was paid by a Putin aid to benefit Putin's government in America. Great reporting by the AP:
Or watch Rachel Maddow:
Rep Schiff: Trump Russia case now 'more than circumstantial'…/rep-schiff-trump-russia-case-now-mor… via MSNBC
If that wasn't enough, yesterday afternoon Rep. Devin Nunes held two impromptu press conferences to report that intelligence communities had collected intelligence on Trump associates. What?! Read about it here:…/…/nunes-trump-schiff-surveillance
The take away from this is that some serious misdeeds have occurred vis-a-vis Donald Trump and Russia. The head of the Committee on Intelligence is compromised. We must demand an independent investigation on this matter if we ever expect to get to the bottom of it.
 Call your representative and tell them so.
3. In light of the chaos above, this is not an appropriate time to be selecting a Supreme Court justice. Tell our senators that Neil Gorsuch's hearing should stop immediately.
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
Feel like banging your head against a wall? Let Quiet Riot help! Watch the video if only to admire the hair and the stripey pantsuit.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday 3/22 Call to Action

Wednesday Call to Action So much is happening! So much! The last two days were a warm up. Today is the day that you will bring your "A" game.
1. House Intelligence Committee's Comey Hearing.
 While this hearing is a good start, it is obvious that republican representatives involved in the hearing are more interested in learning about who leaked information than getting to the bottom of Russia's involvement with the Trump administration. It seems that now more that ever a independent investigation on the matter is the best solution.
 Check out this statement from Rep. Adam Schiff. It's a great recap of the shenanigans that have been occurring over the past year.…
This article reviews Donald Trump's myriad lies:
And here is an article touching on the GOP's questions:…/040d66d2-0dba-11e7-9d5a-a8…
Today is a good day to call your representative and ask for an independent investigation on Russia's involvement in the 2016 presidential elections and Trump's administration.
2. AHCA aka, TrumpCare, aka RyanCare. The House of Representatives will vote on this terrible bill tomorrow (Thursday). If you haven't already, (and you call Lewis, Paulsen, or Emmer your congressman) call them and tell them to vote no for the American Health Care Act.
 Here is a great opinion piece that will give you some ammo for your call:…/…/
This article argues that fewer Americans would be left uninsured by a simple repeal (23 million) vs. AHCA (24 million):…/fewer-americans-would-be-insured-…
Here is an article that reviews the recent changes the GOP made to the AHCA;…/the-7-big-revisions-republicans-m…
Here is a letter from Senator Al Franken:
Trumpcare is bad for so many people.
It's bad for seniors: This plan implements an Age Tax, allowing insurance companies to charge up to five times more in their premiums than younger Americans. Prescription drug costs could go up. Some seniors could see their premiums increase by more than $4,000 a year. It also dismantles Medicaid -- a program that pays for one in two nursing home residents in Minnesota.
It's bad for women: The bill defunds Planned Parenthood. It allows insurance companies to charge women more for care. And it decimates Medicaid, where three-quarters of all public dollars for family planning come from.
It's bad for middle class families and low-income people: This bill stops the current premium subsidies and provides woefully inadequate replacement. It also dismantles Medicaid expansion efforts which covers hundreds of thousands in Minnesota alone.
It's bad for people with preexisting conditions: The Republican replacement plan makes it harder for people with pre-existing conditions to find affordable coverage.
It's bad for people in rural communities: This bill will starve many of our rural hospitals and nursing homes of critical funding. It could cut thousands of jobs and lead to the closure of rural hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities.
Oh, I'm sorry. There is one group of people who this plan is good for: Health insurance CEOs, drug companies, and the wealthy. They're getting some pretty nice handouts.
Congressional Republicans should shove this plan back into whatever drawer it came from. They really need to talk to some constituents, some patients' rights groups, maybe a few people from our side of the aisle, and try again. Tell Republicans: No, no, no on Trumpcare.
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
3. Local Government: A lot is going down in the local arena as well. The republican legislators are trying to sneak some unsavory bills into omnibus bills, making it more difficult for Gov. Dayton to veto. If you have the time and the gumption check out Indivisible Minnesota Local Faceboook page or Watch Your Reps MN Here is the schedule for today's business at the Capitol
4. Get out and be seen!
Wednesday 3/22 Protest @ Jason Lewis' office. 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.
2805 Cliff Rd E, Burnsville, MN
Saturday 3/25 Betty McCollum Town Hall 10-11 a.m.
1600 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105-1801, United States
Saturday 3/25 Jason Lewis Town Hall (with or without him) 3-5 pm
1340 Wescott Rd, Eagan, Minnesota 55123
For more information on any of these events, check out the "Events" section.
Finally, your daily dose of Zen. Watch our senator, Al Franken do what he does best. Ahhh.
The full line of questioning by Sen. Al Franken during Judge Neil Gorsuch's supreme court confirmation hearing.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday 3/21 Call to Action

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday.
Wow. Yesterday sure was an interesting news day. Were any of you lucky enough to watch live footage of the Neil Gorsuch or James Comey testimonies?
Neil Gorsuch…/neil-gorsuch-confirmation-hearing…/
(If you haven't yet, call our senators and say no to Gorsuch!)
James Comey…/adam-schiff-trump-twitter-wiretap…
Check out this statement from Rep. Maxine Waters:
Today is the day we will focus on opposing the American Health Care Act. The House of Representatives will be voting on this terrible bill on Thursday. Now is the time to call your representative!
Here is a little information on how the ACHA may affect you:…/impact-house-aca-repea…/…
Here is a handy script to help you call. (Keep in mind, if you are not feeling fancy you can simply call and say you oppose the ACHA, thank you and goodbye.) If you have personal story about how the ACA has helped you, please share it!…/1490001448354/2017-03-20_…
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
Do you have some free time this week? Make a stop at to your senator's or member of congress' office. Here are some group events coming up this week. If you know of other events, please list them in the comments.
1. Tuesday 3/21 (today) Resist Trump Tuesday @ Senator Klobuchar's office. Meet at the senator's office. Thank her for all of her hard work. Encourage her to say no to Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS.
 1200 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415-1227, United States
2. Wednesday 3/22 Protest @ Jason Lewis' office. 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.
2805 Cliff Rd E, Burnsville, MN
3. Saturday 3/25 Betty McCollum Town Hall 10-11 a.m.
1600 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105-1801, United States
4. Saturday 3/25 Jason Lewis Town Hall (with or without him) 3-5 pm
1340 Wescott Rd, Eagan, Minnesota 55123
Finally, just a little Bruce playing his guitar and singing in a kitchen.  Brilliant Disguise- Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen's official music video for 'Brilliant Disguise'. Click to listen to Bruce Springsteen on Spotify:

Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Call To Action 3/20

Monday again? The time, it flies by so quickly. This coming week is special. Decisions made this week could affect us for years to come. Supreme Court pick, American Health Care Act, investigation into Russia and Trump. Big things are coming to a head. It's time to eat your Wheaties and get on the phone, make some emails, visit your legislators in person. Let's get going!
1. Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS. This is a repeat from last week but I think it bears repeating. Call the senators and remind them to prevent this from happening. Senator Klobuchar warrants extra attention. Check out this post from Robert Reich to give you some pointers for your calls:
2. This was borrowed from "Rogan's List."
On Monday, the House Intelligence Committee holds the first hearing on the Russian election hacking. There are some big questions that need to be answered:…/what-to-ask-about-russian-hacking…
Let’s call members of the Committee and tell them the questions we feel are important.
 Majority members:…/hpsci-majority-members.htm
 Minority members:…/hpsci-minority-members.htm
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
3. Local Government. Here is a message from Manny at Indivisible Minnesota Local. This week's legislative schedule includes a number of omnibus bills. An omnibus bill is a large bill that includes several different issues under one general topic such as education. It's usually a funding and policy bill, contains many pages, and is often comprised of several individual bills. Legislators often say the smaller bills are "rolled into" the larger one.
While typically used for non-controversial technical provisions, these bills have increasingly been used to hide more contentious ideas. For a sense on what bills are up this week, check the thread on Indivisible Minnesota Local's Twitter account. @IndivisibleMNLo

District 2 people! Please consider attending a protest against the AHCA today (Monday 3/20) from 4-5:30 at Representative Jason Lewis' office. Bring your signs and your enthusiasm!
Address: 2805 Cliff Rd E, Burnsville, MN 55337-3301, United States
Today is the first day of spring. Don't let this crazy administration rob from you the wonder of this glorious season. The flowers, the insects, the birds, the green, the warm, they will all be returning!!
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