Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday Calls to Action

Thursday Calls to Action! Hello. Let's get to it.

1.Oppose the nominations of Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court. Whether the opposition is based on Gorsuch's extreme conservative views (look up his connection to Hobby Lobby) or the fact that the Supreme Court seat was stolen from Merrick Garland, please ask our senators to vote no.
Here is an article from the NYT to give you an overview:…/neil-gorsuch-supreme-court-senate…
Or, this piece that connects Gorsuch to Philip Anschutz, a Colorado billionaire with ties to oil and gas (among other things). Mr. Anschutz is also a big donor to the Heritage Foundation:…/p…/neil-gorsuch-supreme-court.html
You can simply call and ask the senators to oppose or you can get fancy with the help of this script:…/2017-02-07_SCOTUSNeilGors…
2. Scott Pruitt and the EPA. Scott Pruitt, I am not a fan of yours. Whether it's his denial of climate science, his contribution to man made earthquakes in his home state of Oklahoma, or his "missing" emails, Scott Pruitt is a bad dude. His actions could jeopardize the very future of the planet we share. We need to call him out and encourage our senators do the same.
Here's Mr. Pruitt denying science:…/on-climate-change-scott-…/…
Check out this article about the content of Mr. Pruitt's "missing" emails. The fox is in the hen house:…/scott-pruitt-environmental-protec…
(Here is a script about those pesky emails:…/investigate-scott-pruitt…)
Today, Donald Trump is expected to slash the budget of the EPA.
Many important projects will be affected including the protections of the Great Lakes (Putting our beloved Lake Superior in jeopardy).…/budget-epa-state-department-cuts.…
Here's what Senator Klobuchar had so say about that: "The Great Lakes are a national treasure and so important in Minnesota. That's why, as Vice-Chair of the Senate Great Lakes Task Force, I'm working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to stand up against cuts to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. This initiative helps protect the Great Lakes' health, ecosystem, and water quality and has strong bipartisan support in Congress. We're calling on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to fully fund it."
Call our Senators and ask them to stand up to Scott Pruitt any way they can. Ask them to investigate the incriminating information found in those emails. Thank Senator Klobuchar for protecting our beloved Lake Superior. Feeling frisky? Call the EPA too and let them know that science is real!
Scott Pruitt (202) 564-4700
This post is dedicated to my nine year old son who told me yesterday that if he had unlimited money and power he would use it to stop global warming. Science is real, Gabriel.

They Might Be Giants - Science is Real (official TMBG video) 

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