Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday 3/17 Calls to Action

3/17/2017 Happy Friday everyone!
1. Yesterday, Donald Trump released his new "America First" budget. For the record, according to the president, America's first priority is defense at the expense of the following: 
*The environment
*Meals on Wheels
*After school programs for children 
*National Endowment for the Arts
*Corporation for Pubic Broadcasting (That means you, Big Bird!)
*Foreign Aid for struggling countries 
The president's ideas about what makes America great differ from mine.
Learn more about it here:…/…/16/us/politics/trump-budget.html
And here:…/politi…/trump-budget-proposal.html
If you have some free time, watch Mick Mulvaney explain it here:

Call your representative and senators and discuss with them the parts of this budget that set your heart aflutter.

House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121

2, This next item is a local concern. In defense of Bees. One cannot underestimate the plight of America's pollinators. Regardless of how you feel about insects, pollinators are a vital part of our food chain. Without pollinators you can say goodbye to foods like almonds, apples, and peaches to name only a few. That is why is is so disheartening to see our own Minnesota legislators block studies that will help understand the link between neonicotinoid pesticides and bee colony collapse. 

Contact your local legislators and fight for the bees and the butterflies!

Wishing everyone a stress-free weekend.

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