Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wednesday 11.14 Call to Action

Wednesday, November 14th
Indivisible 2.0
Did you know that last week’s midterm elections had the highest voter turnout in 50 years? Democratic candidates had the most pick-ups since shortly after Watergate and President Nixon’s resignation. Across the United States, 317 districts moved to the left. Ballots are still being counted in many contests, so the number of wins could go even higher. It feels good, right? Our hard work has helped to change the playing field. We have so many more tools at our disposal than we did this time two years ago. What should we do to keep this momentum going? Well, Indivisible has come up with a new guide to help us do just that.
Starting in January our approach will change. The last Indivisible guide focused solely on defensive tactics. The new guide will provide a three-pronged approach.
Democrats have a nice majority in the House. This means that we have partial agenda setting power in Congress. Of course, without the Senate many of the bills Democrats propose will probably not become law. But this is a great time for us to create a progressive plan that can be implemented if/when Democrats win again in 2020. Our new roll going forward is to make sure our members of Congress are creating legislation that supports the ideals we find important. The next two years will be our time to showcase to America what Democrats stand for. Let’s show voters that we have a different vision for our country than Trump and the GOP.
Congress has a constitutional duty to provide oversight. As we all know, current GOP members of Congress have failed at this task. With our new majority in the House we will finally be able to do something about it. The sabotage of the Affordable Care Act, family separation, Russia, emoluments, unethical cabinet members. We can investigate all the things! Our job will be to make sure our members of Congress do so.
We’ve been doing this for two years, so this should be easy. The GOP members of Congress want to make Trump look successful before the 2020 election. To do so, they will try to cut deals with Democrats to push legislation. Our new defensive roll is to make sure that our members of Congress stand up for our progressive values.
In addition to this guide for federal government, Indivisible will be creating a guide for state legislature as well. Changing government at the state level is how we will succeed in the long term. During the Obama administration, Democrats lost 1000, state legislator seats. We got 300 of those seats back last Tuesday and we need to work over the next two years to get the rest (and more!)
The first 100 days of the new Congress will be the most important as far as pushing our elected officials to set a progressive agenda. The legislation created during this time will most likely be the bills that we can pass in 2021. That means that we will need to be ready to hit the ground running in January 2019. The next month and a half will be our time to plan for that. The first bill will most likely be a pro-democracy reform bill, including voting rights, gerrymandering, election security, holding elected officials accountable, and getting money our of politics. January 3rd will be a country-wide day of action, so keep your eyes peeled for events near you.
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House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
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