Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Call To Action Wednesday 6/12

Wednesday June 12
Elaine Chao And Another Tale of Trump Cabinet Corruption
Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is married to the most powerful person in the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Her family also owns one of the biggest shipping companies in China. Thanks to some excellent reporting, it has been revealed that Chao and McConnell have been involved in some pretty dastardly behavior.
Chao’s family has contributed big money (more than $1 million) to McConnell’s election campaigns.
Chao is in charge of America’s shipping industry, which has been in steep decline over the past years. She uses her celebrity in China to bolster her family’s own shipping company instead. Chao had attempted to include members of her family in meetings with Chinese officials that she was set to attend as a Cabinet secretary. (Someone called her out about it and she quickly canceled the meeting.)
Chao has abused her authority as transportation secretary by allocating nearly $80 million in federal grants to Kentucky (McConnell’s state). She also hired a former McConnell campaign staffer, Todd Inman, to help navigate the funding process. Keep in mind, this is not typical and it appears to be an example of playing favorites.
Chao owns stock in Vulcan Materials, a road-paving company that happens to be the largest U. S. supplier of stone, sand, and gravel used in road-paving and building. Chao had promised over a year ago to divest from the company, oops. The company’s stock has increased since Chao became transportation secretary and she has pocketed some big $$$.
In saner times, this type of behavior would lead to impeachment of Chao and McConnell. But since McConnell has become dictator of the Senate, I fear it will just become business as usual.
What can we do? Let’s call our members of Congress and demand that Chao step down from her Cabinet position. Let’s commit now to the work it will take to flip the Senate in 2020.
Help for Heroes
Former Comedy Central star, Jon Stewart, spoke before a (not well attended) congressional committee yesterday to fight for funding for the first responders of 9/11. This is a must watch. Once you watch it, call your members of Congress and demand this bill is passed ASAP.…/jon-stewart-breaks-down-in-emoti…/
Presidential Debates
The first presidential primary debates will happen on June 26 and 27. Buckle up! Here we go!…/moderators-first-democratic-debat…
Happy Birthday VP Pence!
Vice President Pence is turning 60. In honor of his birthday, why not donate to Planned Parenthood in his honor. A supporter will match your donation up to $60 through June 30th. Check it out:
Doug Wardlow
Doug Wardlow, former candidate for Minnesota’s attorney general, has been fined $46,000 for excess expenditures. Whoops.…/…/
Parade Season
As parade season gets started, our favorite elected officials will be marching. Why not volunteer to walk with them? This is a fun, easy way to support the legislators who do good work for us.
Keep tabs on all the great things going on in CD2 here:
2020 Democratic Debate Schedule…/2020-democrat…/
Smith (202) 224-5641
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Governor Walz
Music video by AC/DC performing Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. (Live At River Plate) (C) 2011…

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