Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wednesday 2/14 Call to Action

1. Election Interference
Yesterday, the nation’s top intelligence chiefs met with the Senate Intelligence Committee and what they had to report was alarming. The consensus was that Russia will continue to make efforts to disrupt our elections, including the 2018 midterm elections.
Disappointingly, the government is doing little to combat Russia’s meddling. Democrats on the committee raised concerns that Russia will continue to use propaganda, false personas and social media to undermine the upcoming election.
If we want to change the face of our government, this issue needs to be on the top of our priority list. The Republicans in charge have no incentive to change. We must be the squeaky wheel that propels them to act.
Luckily, our own Senator Amy Klobuchar is on our side. She has been vocal in the effort to secure our elections against Russia’s interference. She cosponsored the Secure Elections Act (…/115th-congress/senate-bill/2261) designed to take the first steps towards safeguarding our elections.
Senator Klobuchar has also been working on a bill that would require social media groups (i.e., Twitter, and Facebook) to disclose who is paying for political ads on their sites.
Today, lets call Senator Klobuchar and give her our support and ask her what we can do to secure our elections.
Read more about the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing here:…/f3e4c706-105f-11e8-9570-29…
Read more about the Secure Elections Act here:…/klobuchar-lankford-harri…
Learn more about social media transparency here:…/senators-introduce-bi…/780250001/
2, Budget Proposal
Trump unveiled his proposal for 2019 and just like the tax bill, it’s a boon for the wealthiest Americans and a big middle finger towards those at the bottom. The new budget plans to cut $1.7 trillion from Medicare, Medicaid, and other social programs. It will also push for stricter work requirements for welfare and proposes a change in the type of food available in the SNAP program.
Here’s an overview of what’s included in the cuts:…/trumps-budget-what-he…/331147002/
The budget will also significantly increase defense spending and put money aside for the border wall.
All in all, the proposed budget will increase the deficit by $7 trillion!…/…/white-house-budget-congress.html
This budget is a big NO and we need to let our members of Congress know that loud and clear.
Check out this new website for active activists in Minnesota's 2nd congressional district.
Here’s a great way to keep track of Rep. Jason Lewis’ actions in Congress.
Smith (202) 224-5641
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Governor Dayton-

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