Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday 5/14 Call to Action

1. It looks like a more permanent DACA fix is worth a vote.  From Rogan's list:

The DACA issue has resurfaced again. This time it's House Republicans leading the charge. "Centrist House Republicans are defying Speaker Paul Ryan and planning to force a floor vote shielding Dreamers from deportation, a last-ditch attempt at securing a deal on immigration." GOP leadership is not pleased with this "discharge petition," as this move is called, since it would reduce their control over which DACA plan is approved. "If 218 signatures are collected, the discharge petition would trigger votes on Democratic, Republican and bipartisan fixes to DACA, with a “queen-of-the-Hill” approach. That means the proposal getting the highest number of votes over 218 would be adopted by the House. If there is a tie, the last legislation voted on would be adopted." It's unclear what would happen in the Senate, but let's call our House representatives (D and R) and urge them to sign onto this discharge petition. Let's do our part to save our Dreamers.

2. It's worth taking a look at the Minnesota Tax Cuts that the Minnesota House and Senate have passed.

This is in contrast to Dayton's plan of "tax credits for working families rather than rate cuts."

You can call Dayton's office to let him know your thoughts.

3. From Indivisible Minnesota Local

Sunday evening (May 13th) or early Monday morning Call to Action! At the very least, Contact your House Reps and ask/tell them to say No to Line 3 and Vote No on HF3759, a bill that straight up green lights Enbridge's right to Build Line 3. It's time to wean MN off fossil fuels and protect the biosphere. You can also: Join MN350 at the Capitol at 12.30pm TODAY for an hour. Bring signs!

 Sites to Check:
If Trump fires Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, please be ready to take to the streets in protest.

CD2Action, @CD2action

MN02 Congress Watch

League of Women Voters MN

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