Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday 4/3 Call to Action

Thursday 4/3

1. Congress at Home
Use this time to focus on what’s happening at the Capitol. Watch Your Reps MN has a list of bills to be aware of. Call your elected officials on the bills you find important.

2. Ukraine refusing to cooperate with U.S. Judicial process in exchange for missiles
This is extremely worrying and has huge implications if this current administration is using bribery by giving Ukraine weapons in exchange for not cooperating with Mueller. 

3. Gina Haspel, nominee for CIA director
The White House is pushing for Haspel’s Senate nomination for CIA director amid her troubling history as a CIA undercover officer. 

4. Help Get Voters to The Polls
"Why do so many Americans not vote?" It's a question that continues to bedevil American politics. Since "we can’t solve a problem we don’t fully understand" here's a short, pithy article that lists and explains the main reasons why. Spoiler alert: apathy tops the list. Political Charge, run by resistance activist "Tokyo Sand," will follow up this helpful article with future posts on "solutions we can all work on to combat these reasons." Let's keep an eye on this blog:
Want to change the trajectory of our government? Get voters to the polls. Extreme voter suppression laws that disproportionately impact people based on their race or ethnicity, gender, age, or income have started popping up all over the country. If we don’t fight back, more and more Americans will become disenfranchised. Check out all the new resources to help all Americans vote.
*Let Amercian Vote:
*Cap, Gown, Vote!
Cap, Gown, Vote! is an initiative aimed at increasing voter registration among high school students.
*Spread the Vote
Helping citizens get the identification they need to be eligible to vote.
Check out this page from CD2Action with link to organizations that help register voters.
*Volunteer for a Minnesota Campaign*
The best way to change the trajectory of this administration is to elect public servants who want to work for the good of their constituents. The most important thing you can do right now is support Minnesota’s candidates. Are you well represented in your district? Adopt another district. November 2018 is a huge election for Minnesota. All hands are needed on deck.
Check out these candidates and make plans to help.
Congressional District 2
All Districts
*Write Postcards to Voters*
Hey all your introverts, you can be an armchair activist! Help encourage voters to get to the polls by sending postcards.
An election guide from Postcards for America: In this Google doc, each State shows ALL Democratic Candidates running for Congress, Governor, Lt Gov, Attorney General, Secretary of State (if applicable) with links to their websites and Twitter. Each has a link to a Twitter Thread, a Shareable Facebook Post and a Document. For most States, there are also Info & Links for Voter Registrations, Absentee Ballots, Early Voting & Voter ID, Age Requirements and being a Poll Worker. Let’s check this out and use and share it:…/1NCYjsm3xKb79z19Gx7PWt5Zs9lk…/edit
Sign up to volunteer here:
Sites to Check:
If Trump fires Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, please be ready to take to the streets in protest.
CD2Action, @CD2action
MN02 Congress Watch
League of Women Voters MN
Smith (202) 224-5641
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121

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