Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wednesday 6/27 Call to Action

1. Supreme Court Ruling
Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled on Hawaii vs Trump 5-4 in favor of Trump’s travel ban (Psst! -It’s a ban on Muslims). The conservative members of the court had to do some pretty extreme mental gymnastics to disregard Trump’s multiple, blatant admissions that this was indeed discrimination of people based on religion. Justice Sonia Sotomayor was having none of it and presented an incredible dissent. This ruling by the Supreme Court will not age well. History will not be kind to their decision to give the President power to discriminate. Many are comparing this to the Supreme Court’s 1944 ruling of Korematsu v. United States that allowed Americans of Japanese decent to be locked up like criminals.
Listen to Rachel Maddow read Justice Sotomayor’s dissent. This is worth your time. The Rachel Maddow Show via @msnbc
Can’t watch a video right now? Here are the highlights of her dissent:…/sonia-sotomayor-dissent-travel-ba…
Today is predicted to be another bad day for Americans in the Supreme Court. The court is due to rule in a major case that threatens a key source of revenue for organized labor, a challenge to the legality of fees that non-union workers in certain states are required to pay to unions representing public employees such as teachers and police. Could this be the end of Unions as we know it?…/supreme-court-is-poised-to-issue-a-m…
The Supreme Court’s rulings are final. The only other option to fix this is through Congress. That’s where we get involved. It is our job, starting today, to work towards getting better representation. I cannot stress enough how important the midterm elections will be. Get out of your comfort zone and start helping!
2. National Environmental Policy Act
The Trump administration has launched the largest rollback in history to the protections for air, water and wildlife provided by the National Environmental Policy Act.
“The Trump administration is taking a sledgehammer to the review process that allows scientists and the public to have a say on federal projects that harm clean air, water and wildlife,” said Paulo Lopes, public lands policy specialist at the Center for Biological Diversity. “This is the beginning of the largest rollback in the history of the National Environmental Policy Act, and it will yield polluted air, dirty water and devastation for our beautiful public lands.” To lay the groundwork for the planned regulatory cuts, Trump’s Council on Environmental Quality is preparing to roll out by year’s end a long list of proposed changes that will essentially end consequential environmental assessments of projects and eliminate meaningful input by scientists and the public.
The public has 30 days to comment about this. Want to add your two cents? Check it out here:…/update-to-the-regulations…
Also, from Rogan’s List: He said he wouldn't do it, but Trump has changed his mind and is now back-tracking on protecting our oceans and Great Lakes. As Alt Park Service notes: "His new executive order encourages more drilling and other industrial uses of the oceans and Great Lakes. His emphasis was on industries that use the oceans, particularly oil and natural gas drilling. This executive order will open up our Great Lakes to industry developments." These protections affect us and our neighbors:…/trumps-ocean-great-lakes-policy-c…. Let's tell Trump to keep our water protections as they are. They are serving us well.
Let’s hope the environment can hold on until we can vote in better representation.

NOW is the time for you to get active to make good change in November. Do you live in an area that is well represented by great people? Volunteer your time in a needy district. Check out this fun activity from MN Indivisible Alliance on June 29th:…/0284BFHJICQLZEQZ4EPIOZXBK4ENGA/rsvp…
Come pledge to do two volunteer doorknocking shifts (at least) every month until the election, and make a plan with us! You can even "adopt" if you want -- knock 1x for your home district and 1x for an adopted purple district. We’ll crowdsource candidate information, organize for specific dates at the party, and then you'll have everything you need to bring your members along with you when you hit the doors!
You have 4 MONTHS to make a difference. Remember, elections have consequences. 2018’s are HUGE.
Families Belong Together
Mark your calendars for the nationwide protest taking place on June 30th. There are multiple Minnesota options now.…/families-belong-together/search/…
Want to do more than protest and make phone calls? Donate $$ to the organizations at the front line trying to help these families.…/heres-list-organizations-ar…/
Or here:
Tina Folch House Candidate for 54B. Looking for a fun activity that’s kid friendly and easy to do? Join Tina’s crew at the Hastings Rivertown Days Parade on July 22nd. Look here for more information:
Do you live in the 2nd congressional district? Do you live in a blue part of Minnesota and you want to help others? Check out CD2Action’s calendar for upcoming activities. CD2Action, @CD2action
Sites to Check:
If Trump fires Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, please be ready to take to the streets in protest.…/mueller-firing-rapid-respon…/search
Smith (202) 224-5641
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Governor Dayton-

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