Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday 6/27 Call to Action

Well hello resisters. I hope you are managing to keep your head up and your outlook sunny. You are a vital part of the success of this endeavor.
1. AHCA (aka) BCRA (aka) Dumpster Fire
The American Health Care Act, now known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act is still a threat and thanks to the CBO report that came out, we now have concrete evidence of how very bad it is for millions of Americans.
What are the takeaways from the CBO report?
*Billions of dollars will be saved mostly due to reductions in Medicaid. The reductions could have been larger if the BCRA didn’t repeal ACA’s taxes on the wealthiest Americans.
*The BCRA will increase the amount of uninsured Americans by 22 MILLION by 2026. These uninsured will represent the oldest, poorest, and most fragile among us. Because this bill drops the mandate (which requires everyone to have insurance, thus spreading out the cost of healthcare over a number of people), healthy people may drop insurance. Those that need insurance will be forced to pay more (even more than what they pay with ACA) for coverage.
* 15 MILLION fewer people will be covered by Medicaid. Medicaid is a vital resource for many elderly adults and children. Want an example of what kind of people use Medicaid? Read this blog post here: http://snips-snails-puppydogtales.blogspot.com/…/dear-vp-pe…
* Premiums will eventually drop for the young and healthy, but only because the sickest among us will be priced out of the system. Deductibles will increase.
The CBO report makes the BCRA look bad, which is why the GOP Senate was trying to push this bill through behind closed doors. It will only take three Republican “no’s” to squash this bill. This is not as easy as this sounds, however. Pressure from constituents must be greater than the pressure these legislators feel from their own party members and the groups that finance them. Read more here:
What can we do here in Minnesota? Be vocal in your support of our awesome senators Klobuchar and Franken. Do you have relatives or friends in Wisconsin? Encourage them to put pressure on Sen. Ron Johnson. Write those letters to the editor of your local paper. Tweet your support for the ACA.
2. HR 1215 Protecting Access to Care Act
This call to action was a suggestion from a TPOM member. Please continue to offer your suggestions. This group is a powerhouse of knowledge and ideas. I love it so much!
HR 1215 will make is more difficult for Americans who receive healthcare through federal programs, subsidies, or tax programs to seek compensation for medical malpractice or defective medical products. Read more about it here: https://www.countable.us/…/hr1215-115-protecting-access-to-…
Here is a link to the bill: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/1215
If this bill moves you, call your representative and urge him/her to vote no on HR 1215.
3. Mayors Leading the Charge Against Climate Change
Yesterday, the United States Conference of Mayors created a set of resolutions to urge the federal government to rejoin the Paris climate agreement and to increase their own city’s efforts to combat climate change. While America’s withdrawal from the PCA was heartbreaking, it is great to see local government take charge. Want to learn more about it? Read this: https://www.nytimes.com/…/…/mayors-trump-climate-change.html The mayor of Burnsville is quoted in the article which I think is pretty neat! Want to know that the resolutions are? Here you go:http://legacy.usmayors.org/…/85th_Co…/proposedcommittee.asp…
There are a handful of Minnesota cities who have joined in. Is your city included? Look here: http://www.climate-mayors.org/
If your city is not included, give your mayor a call and encourage him/her to join. If your city is lucky enough to be part of the club, give your mayor a call and thank him/her!
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators: https://www.leg.state.mn.us/leg/legislators
Resistbot: https://resistbot.io/
Governor Dayton- https://mn.gov/governor/contact-us/
Out and About
Tuesday, June 27 12 -1 pm
ResistTrumpTuesdays: Protect our Healthcare, Withhold Consent
Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office
1200 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415
Tuesday, June 27 7-9 pm
What is Take Back Your State? - Join us for an online event
Online Event (you can do this from home!!)
Thursday, June 29 6:15-8:30
Mayoral Candidate Forum on Climate Resilience & Energy Access
Open Book
1011 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415
Recent protests sparks a nationwide Rise Up 5K Run/Walk on July 1. Net proceeds go to Planned Parenthood and other women's rights charities. JOIN US TODAY! RISE UP. RUN. BE HEARD. http://riseup5k.org/
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