Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thursday 3/8 Call to Action

Thursday 3/8 

1. The Bank Lobbyist Act (S. 2155)
This bill is speeding through the Senate this week due to 17 Senate Democrats who support it. What does this bill do?
*Deregulate big banks that took $47 million in taxpayer bailouts during the economic crash and      raise the risk of another meltdown.
*Make it easier for banks to racially discriminate, by letting 85% of banks stop reporting data        about whether they push worse loans on communities of color.
*Cut oversight for foreign megabanks operating in the U.S., like Deutsche Bank and Santander.
Open a loophole for Wall Street giants like Citibank to load up on more risky loans. 
Let our Senators know that the Bank Lobbyist Act should be stopped and the Dodd-Frank Act should be saved. 

2. Hearing on SF2487 today
“Yesterday, Sen. Nelson, chair of the Senate Education Finance committee, held a hearing to allow a group of Edina parents who sued the school district for promoting racial equity and ostracizing white supremacists to testify on the need for the bill SF2487. During the testimony, they stated that LGBTQ inclusion, anti-racism, lessons on privilage, and even history are considered political and social viewpoints. Asking for “Academic Balance.”” 
“SF2487 prohibits school employees from requiring students or other school employees to express specific social or political viewpoints for the purposes of academic credit, extracurricular participation, or as a condition of employment.” “The bill also prohibits public education from engaging in “political, ideological, religious, or anitreligious indoctrination.”
“We’re notifying anti-racists, LGBTQ advocates, educators, and parents about this legislationslation, and plan to testify against it. If you or your partners would like to testify on the bill, please notify Greg Marcus ( Below is the hearing details.”
Where: Minnesota Senate Bldg Room 1100
When: Thursday, March 8 at 3:00 p.m.
What: hearing on SF2487

3. Libraries transform our schools and communities! Contact your state legislators and let them know how important HF1382/SF1033, HF1484/SF2218, HF2698 are!

4. Dates to Remember
March 14th Join the Women’s March Youth Empower Groups, #ENOUGHNational School Walkout
March 24th March for Our Lives
Smith (202) 224-5641
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121

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