Sunday, November 12, 2017

Monday 11/13 Call to Action

We're entering the first week of our second year.  We're hanging in there.  I met some cool people.  Democrats did pretty well last week.  Keep resisting.

1. Doug Jones is running for Senate in Alabama.  His opponent, Roy Moore, seems like he might have a bit of an ethically questionable past.  Jones and Moore are running neck and next in the polls; some polls even have Jones ahead!  I think our family has written fifty postcards to voters in support of Jones.  Phone bank or write postcards here.  Even if you can do just five postcards, join in!

About Moore:

2. From Rogan's List: Senator Bob Corker has announced that a hearing will be held [Tuesday] on the authority of the president and congress to use nuclear force Let's keep our eyes on this, and in the meantime, call our MoC to ensure that they support the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017 (H.R. 669/S. 200).

Note that there's not general agreement on this from national security experts, but I'm warming up to the idea, given the president's recent Tweets.

3. Let's not forget about Puerto Rico.  The president has made it clear he doesn't care, but a lack of clean water is making people sick.  There's little reason government couldn't solve this problem.  Let's call and ask our senators and representatives to make it a priority.

Franken - 202-224-5641
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Governor Dayton-

Congressional District 2 residents: Check out this website for information about groups and events in your area.

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