Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tuesday 11/21 Call to Action

In the next few weeks Congress will be voting on bills that will affect our lives for years to come. The actions you take today and through November can really make a difference. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and make sure your voice is heard.
1. Tax Bill
Here we are nestled in Minnesota with our two senators firmly against this crappy tax bill. What can we do to help? Here’s an idea from Indivisible Guide. Let Indivisible help you call like minded constituents from key states. Encourage those citizens to act now to stop this tax bill before it becomes the law of the land. Check out this link for the steps to get started.
Give it a try and let us know how it worked.
2. Net Neutrality
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is planning a vote to overturn net neutrality. What does net neutrality mean? It’s the principle that Internet service providers should allow all content and applications to be delivered to you regardless of the source. Net neutrality prevents Internet service provides from playing favorites, allowing some products and websites through while limiting others. If net neutrality is overturned our Internet will become Fox News on steroids. It will be more difficult to discern real facts. Without net neutrality, small businesses, low-income individuals, and much of rural America would lose access to affordable, reasonably-fast internet service. Scary stuff, no?
Give your members of Congress a call and let them know that this is a terrible idea. Feel free to call Ajit Pai as well.
Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman
Here’s a script courtesy of 5 calls:
Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a concerned customer from ­________.
I'm calling to express my disapproval that the FCC is trying to kill net neutrality and the strong Title II oversight of Internet Service Providers. Preserving an open internet is crucial for fair and equal access to the resources and information available on it.
[Optional: Explain why net neutrality is personally important to you or your work]
Thank you for your time and attention.
I am sure we will visit this again soon. This is an important one!
3. While you are gathered with your family this Thanksgiving, why not have a post card party for Doug Jones? Good, clean fun, I say! Here’s more information on how to get it done.
4. Attentions Resisters in CD2!
I want to call attention to two fantastic websites that are available to resisters in congressional district 2.
Do you want to know what events are happening in your district? Check out MN 02 Progressive Action Network. mn02progressiveactionnetwork.com
Would you like to know more about legislation passed by Rep. Jason Lewis? Do you want a convenient hub for all kinds of information and resources? Check out MN02 Congress Watch.
Bookmark these sites and visit them often!
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators: https://www.leg.state.mn.us/leg/legislators
Resistbot: https://resistbot.io/
Governor Dayton- https://mn.gov/governor/contact-us/
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