Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wednesday 9/5 Call to Action

Did anyone watch Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings yesterday? It was quite a show. I am just plain worn out from all that chaos so the CTA will be on the light side. As before, most of your efforts should be going toward turning Minnesota blue in November.
Brett Kavanaugh has hundreds of thousands of documents from his past employment that should be fair game for the Senate to review before the start of his confirmation hearings. The National Archives and Records Administration has predicted that it would take until October to comb through all them. This simply is not fast enough for the Republican party and Trump, who is facing some very real legal troubles of his own and could use a friend on the Supreme Court (wink, wink). Instead, Republicans have hired Bill Burck, a longtime Republican, to do an expeditious review of Kavanaugh’s lengthy paper trail. In addition to this, Burck, who is a close friend of Kavanaugh’s, is also representing three current or former Trump White House officials- Don McGahn, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon.
Democrats argue that Burck’s associations make him inherently conflicted and a terrible choice to analyze and filter through all of Kavanaugh’s records and documents. What will Burck do if he comes across damning evidence about Kavanaugh? A good questions to ask our Senators. While you are on the phone, be sure to thank Sen. Klobuchar and encourage her to fight hard for Minnesota.…/178190…/bill-burck-kavanaugh-explained
Continuing the theme of things that make you go, “Hmm”, Kavanaugh was recently in credit card debt somewhere between $60-$200.000, supposedly for buying season tickets for the Nationals baseball team. That’s a lot of baseball tickets for someone who makes $200,000 a year income. Sometime in 2017, the debt was reportedly paid off by friends who reimbursed him for the tickets.…/new-strike-against-ka…/565022/
Check out Kavanaugh’s exchange with Fred Guttenberg, father of Jamie Gettenberg, who lost her life during the Parkland school shooting in Florida. Mr. Guttenberg introduced himself and tried to shake Kavanaugh’s hand. Kavanaugh’s reaction was stunning.…/parkland-fred-guttenberg-brett-kavana…
This whole thing stinks, What else is new in this administration where all the norms have been turned upside-down.
Bob Woodward, an associate editor from the Washington Post, wrote a book about Trump and life in the Trump White House called “Fear”. According to the transcripts, this book has some shocking revelations about chaos in the White House.…/b27a389e-ac60-11e8-a8d7-0f……/transcript-phone-call-be…/……/donald-trump-bob-woodward-…/index.html
From Rogan’s list:
Net Neutrality
California has become the fourth state to pass net neutrality laws, following efforts by Washington, Oregon, and Vermont. The California law is the strictest one so far.…/404663-california-pass-stiffest-net-ne….
Today, why not take a break from the chaos in Washington D.C. and call your state legislators to ask them to introduce net neutrality legislation that models California’s. If you don’t know who your state legislators are, (naughty!) you can look them up here.
"Almost 8 in 10 Americans would rather fix public education than experiment with other options — the highest percentage in two decades. That’s roughly the same window of time that educational "choice" has been heavily promoted by those who see K-12 education as a market opportunity. Taken together, these poll results could be evidence that Americans are realizing that local investment in public school infrastructure and human capital is a better bet than silver-bullet solutions."…/enrich-upgrade-and-invest-in-the-schoo… Let’s read this opinion blog based on the results of this year’s PDK Poll. Then, let’s see how we can help fix public education in our own areas.
Get out The Vote
Do you need a little motivation to get out there and help a campaign? Read this opinion piece from Paul Krugman. He argues that the United States is one election away from becoming a broken democracy like Hungary or Poland. Yikes.…/trump-republican-party-authoritar…
Check out this great website shared by my friend S. The Resistance School has online classes on all kinds of topics including how to effectively phone bank and door knock. There are so many great resources out there!
Candidates cannot win without help from us. Commit today to doing your part.
Each candidate on the November ballot has a website where you can sign up to volunteer.
Amy Klobuchar
Tina Smith
Julie Blaha
Steve Simon
Keith Ellison
District 1 Daniel Feehan
District 2 Angie Craig
District 3 Dean Phillips
District 4 Betty McCollum
District 5 Ilhan Omar
District 6 Ian Todd
District 7 Collin Peterson
District 8 Joe Radinovich
Minnesota House Campaigns
Check out these calendars for upcoming events near you.…
This And That
National healthcare advocate Ady Barkan, who has ALS, has an interesting approach to courting Sen. Collins (R-ME) vote on Kavanaugh. He is soliciting donations to go to her opponent in her 2020 re-election bid should she vote for Kavanaugh.…/brett-kavanaugh-susan-collins-a…/ Over $100,000 has been raised so far. Let’s see if we can help:…/either-sen-collins-votes-no-on-k…
Study after study shows that the most effective way to get people to vote is by having conversations with them in the four days before Election Day (Saturday, November 3rd–Tuesday, November 6th). Volunteer here to be part of the last big push.
Sister District Action Network did a study on the impact of postcards on voter registration and released the results showing positive results:…/dark-money-fireside-chat-and-critical-… Let’s read the report and keep on writing postcards!
Smith (202) 224-5641
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Governor Dayton-
Cyndi Lauper's official music video for 'True Colors'. Click to listen to Cyndi Lauper on Spotify:…

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