Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday 9/29 Call to Action

1. The Rules Don’t Apply to Them
By now I am sure you have heard word of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s unfortunate choice to take private chartered planes on the taxpayer’s dime. Reports estimate that the cost of these chartered flights totals up to more than $400,000! There has been enough of a backlash against this that Price has pledged to reimburse taxpayers about $52,000. Now I am no math whiz, but $52k seems less than $400k. Where’s the rest of the money? To make matters worse, reports came out yesterday that Price used military planes for overseas travel which cost taxpayers an additional $500,000. Price is not alone. EPA’s Scott Pruitt has been using private planes. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is also guilty. Trump has no issue golfing almost weekly on the taxpayer’s dime. This isn’t Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, people. These shameful acts of extravagance are more infuriating in light of the fact that Trump’s administration cannot afford to give Americans decent health care, and they are busy turning our government’s departments into skeleton crews.
The only way this is going to change is if we continue to make noise. Call our senators and let them know how your feel. Write a letter to the editor or share your ideas on social media.
2. Automatic Voter Registration Act
HR 2840, Automatic Voter Registration Act would automatically register anyone 18 years or older that is eligible to vote as long as they have provided their information to the state motor vehicle authority. This bill has a lot of cosponsors (including reps., Ellison, McCollum, and Walz) but it needs a little push to get out of committee.
Senator Amy Klobuchar is spearheading the same idea in the Senate:…/…/mobile/amy-in-the-news…
Illinois’ governor just signed automatic voter registration into law. It’s time for the whole country to get on board. Give your members of Congress a call and tell them you support the idea of making it easier to register to vote.
We need to do everything possible encourage high voter turnout. Flipping the House and Senate in 2018 is our best chance to reign in the Trump administration.
Let’s end today’s call to action with a little good news. Last Tuesday, two more seats went to Democratic candidates in what were historically super red districts. Annette Taddeo took a state Senate seat in Florida and Kari Lerner won a state House seat in New Hampshire. Eight seats have flipped from red to blue in 2017 so far! This is great news, people.
Let this news motivate you to keep going. Want to help canvass via postcard? Text HELLO to (484) ASK-ABBY and you will be set up with instructions and addresses.
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Governor Dayton-
Congressional District 2 residents: Check out this website for information about groups and events in your area.
Out and About
September 30th 10-1
Municipal Mingle
Sabathani Community Center
310 E 38th St, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55409
October 14th 10:30 - 12
Forum with Erin Murphy, candidate for governor
Burnhaven Library
1101 County Road 42 W, Burnsville, Minnesota 55306
Saturday, October 14th 11 am – 1 pm
The People's Rally for Justice
Minnesota State Capitol
75 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155
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