Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday 12/1 Call to Action

The Senate’s vote on the tax bill was supposed to happen last night, but the senate hit a snag when the Joint Committee on Taxation came out with a report that revealed that the Senate Republican’s $1.5 trillion tax cut would still still add $1 trillion to the deficit even after factoring in growth in the economy. Whoops. This is especially awkward considering how fiscally hawkish the GOP had claimed to be during the Obama administration.
Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin has been boasting over and over that the House and Senate tax plans would not only pay for themselves, but even pay down some debt. Mnuchin has been seen on television promising that his number crunchers in the treasury have been working ‘round the clock to come up with an analysis that would support his claim. Yesterday, when GOP senators like Bob Corker looked to Mnuchin for this analysis, it turns out that the Mnuchin forgot to do his homework. No treasury report. Double whoops.
Why are the Republicans so set on passing this bill when it is apparent that it’s a turd burger? Crazily enough, it’s simply because they want to pass something before the end of the year.…/why-senate-republicans-a…/…
Fellow Minnesotan, Andy Slavitt has a great rundown of the whole situation:
The Senate is planning to pick up the vote late this morning. That means you have a few more hours to make some noise. I know this is tedious work. The repercussions of this bill will be large if it passes so we have got to keep fighting.
Call Sens. Klobuchar and Franken. Use this guide here if you’d like to:…
There is not much time for this today, but if the bill get delayed again you call call voters in other states and encourage them to contact their senators.
I don’t recommend calling members of Congress that do not belong to you, I do think it’s okay to tweet at them though. Here are some key senators that you could message. Remember to be civil!
Let’s keep today simple and focus on this tax bill. We will come back on Monday ready to face the other myriad issues at hand.
Except for this. Check out this post from The Oatmeal about Net Neutrality.
Also, did you know that Gary Numan was still making music? Wow.
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Governor Dayton-
From the forthcoming album "Savage: Songs From A Broken…

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