Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thursday 12/7 Call To Action

Thursday 12/7 Call To Action

I”m not one to reinvent the wheel, and since we have so much great information in previous posts I”m reposting some of that information for today’s call.

1. Net Neutrality (Thanks KMP!)
The FCC plans to vote on this on December 14th!!
Want an easy explanation of net neutrality to share with your friends? Here you go.`
It appears that the comment section at the FCC was infiltrated with Russian hackers or at the very least, non humans.…/fake-views-444-938-russian-emai…
This is a good reason alone to table the vote on Net Neutrality until clearer heads can prevail. A number of Senators are trying to do just that.…/363110-group-of-senators-calls-on-fcc-…
Unfortunately, Ajit Pai is not listening to reason and will go ahead with the vote on December 14th.…/senators-urge-fcc-to-delay-ne…/
What can we do?
Here is a voicemail for the Chariman of the FCC: 1-202-418-1000. State your name, city, and state and that you oppose the repeal of net neutrality.
Protests are planned outside of Verizon stores this Thursday. Learn more here:
A) Ajit Pai: 202-518-7399 / / @AjitPaiFCC,
B) -Michael O'Rielly: 301-657-9092 / mike.o' / @mikeofcc,
C) -Brendan Carr: 202-719-7305 / / @BrendanCarrFCC \
Let’s keep calling and writing!
Heroes come in many forms. Who’s The Boss teen heartthrob, Alyssa Milano is make some noise about net neutrality. Check out this thread:

2. Tax Bill (From yesterday’s post, thanks C.G. and KMP!)
Here’s a quick side by side comparison of the Senate and House versions of the bill (thanks C. G.!)…
This tax bill is proving to be a tricky, unpopular bill. Even though the House voted to go to conference, there is a vast array of disagreement among its members.
Republican Congresspeople from California are facing backlash from their constituents because the repeal of state and local taxes (SALT) and mortgage interest deductions will have an immediate negative effect on taxpayer’s pocketbooks. Will it be enough to keep them from voting yes on the final bill? We shall see.…/e25c3000-d9fa-11e7-b1a8-62…
Senator Susan Collins voted for the Senate version of the tax bill based on three assurances.
1. A reinsurance pool would be established to cover the cost of the very sick, to prevent insurance premiums form going up.
2. Support for the Alexander-Murray bill that would continue to make payments to insurance companies for the next two years to keep costs low.
3. No cuts to Medicare as a result of this bill.
Whoopsie! It appears that Speaker Ryan is not so keen on keeping those promises to Senator Collins. Will it be enough for her to vote no? We shall see.…/house-republicans-say-they-di…/
Senator Jeff Flake agreed to vote yes on the tax bill if “dreamers” received protection (think DACA). Hmm. That doesn’t seem to be a popular idea in the House. Will it be enough to make Sen. Flake say, “No thank you?” We shall see.…/republicans-are-ready-to-break-the…/

3. American Legislative Exchange Council
We are going to stick a pin in this as 2018 and 2020 elections are just around the corner. Most of us in this group are well aware that voter fraud is not a widespread issue and studies have shown that. Gerrymandering benefits the outcome for one political party and we’ve seen the results from that in many districts and states.
“ALEC has been a very anti-democratic organization since its founding. It brings corporate lobbyists and state legislators behind closed doors to trade these so-called model bills,” Riestenberg said. “They’re kind of opposed to the very idea of representative democracy, and so when they have panels about voting and what they call voter fraud or voter integrity, it kind of raises red flags given their history on the issue and their kind of anti-democratic structure.”
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121

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