Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday 12/20 Call to Action

Are you feeling despondent and frustrated by the actions of the Republican Congress? Me too. It seems the best course of action going forward is to channel our energy into getting good people elected to replace them. Today’s call to action will do just that.
1. Time to Support Black Women
The Alabama election was a reminder that we need to be supporting black women. Check out this article from Teen Vogue. It provides actions that you can take today to help more black women become candidates as well as organizations you can support
This website is a list of black women running for office in the U. S. Minnesota needs more!
Read about and support these organizations
The Collective Political Action Committee
Higher Heights for America
2. Learn How to Caucus, and Do It
Does caucusing leave you perplexed? Learn a little more about it in this video here:
Or this article here:…/minnesotas-2016-election-how-…/
Want to know where and when your local caucus happens? Find out here:
Want to have some caucus training? The DFLCD2 is having a variety of events in January and February.
I know there are more caucus training events. Will you chime in on the comment section if you have another event?
3. Make a commitment to volunteer for at least one candidate this year. There is a special election happening on February 12th. Why not start there?
Karla Bigham for SD 54
Here’s a link to a radio interview she did last week.…/09715_KarlaBigham_SenateCandidate_0212.mp3
Donate to Karla’s campaign. You can donate $50 ($100 for a married couple) and get your money back if you fill out the form provided in the link.…/1sIfIitdbBbpkyBf0uB72…/mobilebasic
Come meet Ms. Bigham on Thursday, December 21st. More information here:
4. Learn about the Gubernatorial Candidates
5. Attention CD2 Constituents!
Check out the first public forum with DFL CD2 Candidates, Angie Craig and Jeff Erdmann…/first-public-forum-with-dfl-cd2-can…/
Please add more ideas in the comment section.
Franken (202) 224-5641
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Governor Dayton-
Dixie Chicks' official music video for 'Not Ready To Make Nice'. Click to listen to Dixie Chicks on Spotify:…

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