Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thursday 4/6 Call to Action

It's Thursday change makers! Have you noticed the plants coming back to life? Birds returning from their winter vacations? Spring is definitely springing.
1. Remember, only a few weeks ago when Congress was investigating Trump's ties to Russia? Where did that go? Unfortunately, the Trump administration has done an effective bait and switch with the Susan Rice "scandal". Read more about it here:…/susan-rice-takes-the-heat-off-devi…
Trump (and Nunes) hope we will be distracted by the latest shiny object. Let's remind them and the rest of the GOP that we have not forgotten. The speed at which the GOP House has jumped on investigating Rice reminds us that they can get things done when they are motivated. Let's call our representatives today and demand action on this investigation.
Need some more information to spice up your call? Ask your representative what they think about Betsy DeVos' brother's action in the Seychelles.…/95908a08-1648-11e7-ada0-14…
2. Syria
Sen. Marco Rubio condemned the horrific events in Syria, blaming Sec. of State Rex Tillerson's dismissive comments about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Tillerson had stated the the United States would no longer insist that Assad step down.
 "It's my belief that if you're Bashar al-Assad and you read that it is no longer a priority of the United States to have you removed from power — I believe that that is an incentive to act with impunity... I personally do not believe that it's coincidental." Rubio
Does anyone else remember when Rubio voted "Yes" for Tillerson for Sec. of State? I do.…/gop-senator-marco-rubio-cite…/story…
When they are not busy placing blame on Obama, some Republican senators are starting to push Trump to take stronger actions against Syria. Let's call our Senators today and tell them we want a solution to the destruction in Syria. Demand that they push to allow more refugees from that area to come to the U.S.
3. A fun call to action! Amy Klobuchar Town Hall
Wouldn't it be great to hear Senator Klobuchar speak and answer questions at a Town Hall? Today is the day to call her and request one. Unlike many public servants, I believe that Sen. Klobuchar tries to listen to what her constituents want. If enough people ask, I think she will comply.  Check out this website:
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Have a great day today. Go out and spread some love.  Jackie DeShannon-What the World Needs Now is Love

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