Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday 7/30 Call to Action


There are 99 days until general election day, November 6, 2018.

Here are the 5% and 11% "most flippable" and other interesting Minnesota House districts.  Can you donate or help with these campaigns?  Can you donate to the DFL itself so it can allocate the money to the best candidates you haven't heard of?

"First steps! Amplify, social media-fy, donate. Like their FB page and follow on Twitter. Research shows people take people that have large followings more seriously, and it's easy to do! Also spread the word about the endorsed candidates, get to know their issues and spend some time on their pages. Of course, donate if you can. This isn't the time to be under-spent. If you can't donate, start talking. Tweet 'em, Facebook 'em, and old-school chat about 'em with your neighbors!"

There's also *one* Minnesota senate election on the ballot, and it's for Michelle Fishbach's seat. It's a tough race, but it would end Republican control of the senate.

1. I made a few comments on how we can act to support candidates, and it's worth repeating here.  Social media can be a tool to divide or unite!

"The folk theory of democracy is the belief system that the voting public supports, elects and embraces candidates who reflect the collective 'wishes and desires' of the people. Extracted from Democracy for Realists; 'the idea that citizens make coherent and intelligible policy decisions, on which governments then act – bears no relationship to how it really works. Or could ever work'."

The way democracy actually works: people look to how people around them (particularly elites and others they respect) are supporting and voting, and how strong that support is. They tend to choose one of the groups to which they belong, and vote the way that group is voting. So, if you're a religious teacher, you might vote with your church, or with your union -- and you might swing back and forth from election to election based on whom you choose to associated with.

Talking about issues is important to win elections, because it helps groups decide whom to support. But it's also critical to push a message of strong support for a party and candidate, to convince members of your group that voting with *your* group, and not some other group, is what they should do.

2. In the Russia probe:
- Paul Manafort's trial starts tomorrow 7/31.
- Michael Cohen claims Trump knew of the Trump Tower meeting with Russian officials.

3. Keep on top of voter disenfranchisement:

"A recent report from the Brennan Center for Justice found that between 2014 and 2016 states purged almost 16 million voters from the rolls, four million more voters than removed from 2006 to 2008."

I think it’s going to take an overwhelming wave of blue voters to stop this terrible Trump administration in November. All hands on deck! At this point, you should be helping out a campaign at least once a week. Expect to do more as the midterm elections get closer.
Check out these calendars for upcoming events near you.
Study after study shows that the most effective way to get people to vote is by having conversations with them in the four days before Election Day (Saturday, November 3rd–Tuesday, November 6th). Volunteer here to be part of the last big push.
Indivisible is pushing for a weekend of action this weekend. Learn more about activities in your area here:

4. Primaries are August 14th
Don’t forget to vote in the primaries on August 14th. Check out this website for more information on who’s running in Minnesota.…/minnesota-8-14-primary-at-a-…/
If Trump fires Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, please be ready to take to the streets in protest.
MN02 Congress Watch
Smith (202) 224-5641
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Governor Dayton-

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