Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday 7/11 Call to Action

I have to go to work early today so this will be a quick CTA
1.Supreme Court Nominee
Update: It appears that Senator Lisa Murkowski is factoring in opinions about SCOTUS from outside of Alaska. As far as I am concerned, this means we can call her (202-224-6665) and Senator Susan Collins (202-224-2523) today and every day.
Here’s an overview of Brett Kavanaugh from yesterday:
Last night, Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Up on the stage with his cute kids and his wife, Kavanaugh appeared friendly and benign. He even made a pretty good speech. But don’t be fooled; if Kavanaugh is permitted to take this position he will make decisions that will negatively affect Americans for decades to come.
Here are some points to consider about Kavanaugh:
* He will jeopardize women’s access to legal abortion, birth control, and other basic health care needs. Last year, Kavanaugh ruled against a young, undocumented woman’s ability to access an abortion. His ruling delayed her procedure, pushing it into the second trimester. If he gains a seat on the Supreme Court, this will be the norm in America.
Kavanaugh opposes the ACA’s birth control benefit and believes employers should decide whether or not birth control should be covered by insurance.
If Kavanaugh is allowed a seat on the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade could be overturned.
* Kavanaugh’s past rulings have shown him to be anti-environmental and anti-climate change.
* His past rulings have also shown that he is willing to:
Dismantle Net Neutrality
Sabotage the ACA
Nix the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Strike down gun violence prevention laws
Put the rights and safety of the LBGTQ community in jeopardy
* Most disturbingly, (and possibly the reason he was nominated) is the fact that Kavanaugh does not believe that a sitting president can be indicted; he believes presidents should have wide latitude to hire and fire special counsels. His nomination could shield Trump from facing accountability for his crimes and corruption.
Today is the day that you make some good trouble about this nomination. Call all the people! Email all the people! Tweet all the things!
The only way to stop this nomination from going through is to get all the Democrats and at least two Republicans in the Senate to vote NO. (Senator John McCain may abstain from voting due to illness). I am fairly comfortable saying that Sens. Klobuchar and Smith are in the NO camp. We need to call and encourage them to make sure their colleagues vote no as well.
Don’t forget how handy Resitbot can be. Use it today to write some letters.
Here is a contact list for all U.S. Senators:
2. Brian Benczkowski
Today, the Senate is expected to vote to confirm Brian Benczkowski to lead the Department of Justice Criminal Division. He would be in the line of succession should Deputy AG Rosenstein get fired. The problem?
He worked for Kremlin-linked Alfa Bank that the FBI was investigating as part of Russia probe.
He has never tried a case.
He was a top aide to Jeff Sessions.
If confirmed, he would oversee the Manafort, Flynn, and Cohen cases.
Learn more about him from Rachel Maddow here:…/trump-pushes-lawyer-who-repped-russi…
Or here:…/senate-expected-to-confirm-trump…
Call our senators and see what they can do to push Sen Joe Manchin to vote no and a couple of Republicans too.
3. Local Candidate in Need
Last week, Tina Folch, House candidate for 54B was busy door knocking when she fell in a hole, landed hard, and broke both of her arms (!!!). Luckily, Tina is tough, (There is no quit in her!) but she needs our help to flip this seat to blue in November. Please commit to helping Tina door knock or march in a parade. If we each help once or twice, Tina will kick some butt!
Sign up for events here:
4. Vote Now From Home!
**Secretary of State Steve Simon is reporting a 60% increase in absentee voter applications from the last election cycle! This is awesome!!**
Minnesota is lucky. We have a great voting program that makes it easy for us to get out the vote. You are now able vote early for the Primaries that take place on August 14th. Check out this page from CD2Action that answers some FAQ’s about primary voting.
Don’t forget, you can vote from home in your jammies. Just sign up here (…/ABRegistrationStep1.aspx) for an absentee ballot and one will be mailed to you for free.
If Trump fires Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, please be ready to take to the streets in protest.…/mueller-firing-rapid-respon…/search
Smith (202) 224-5641
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Governor Dayton-
CHIME - the new album - out now Directed, photographed and edited by Mercies May (instagram:…

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