Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday 4/13 Call to Action

1. Mueller Closing in
Now that the FBI has raided Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen’s offices, Trump seems less likely to agree to an interview with the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller. With that step out of the way, Mueller can move forward to the next phase. It’s being reported that Mueller has compiled evidence on Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice and he is ready to make it happen.
These include:
*Trump’s attempt to fire former FBI Director James Comey
*Trump’s participation in crafting a misleading public statement on the nature of the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting between his sons and Russians
*Trump’s mention of pardons for Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn
*Trump’s laments about Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusal from the Russia investigation
Add to that Jim Comey’s new tell all book that does not put Trump in a good light.…/james-comey-book-detail-trump-pee-tape
Trump is feeling the pressure.
Trump knows the noose of justice is tightening around him. The possibility of him making the rash decision to fire Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is greater now than ever.…/382583-the-memo-fears-rise-of-trump-mo…
Just last night, reports came in that Trump is going to pardon Scooter Libby, former Vice President Cheney’s chief of staff. This sets the precedent of pardons among other things. Read more here.…/coincidence-scooter-libb…/……/president-trump-poised-pardo…/story…
Today, we need to tell our members of Congress loudly and clearly that firing Mueller or Rosenstein would create constitutional crisis and acceptance of this move by anyone on any side of the aisle would show complicity with obstruction of justice. We should also tell our members of Congress to pass the Special Counsel Independence Protection Act (S. 1735/H.R. 3654) and The Special Counsel Integrity Act (S. 1741/H.R. 3771) now. If Mueller is fired, we need to make sure to take to the streets at events that will be organized across the country.
If you haven’t already, sign up for’s Nobody is Above The Law Mueller (and now Rosenstein) Firing Rapid Response. There will be plenty of options for where you can go. Find out more here:…/mueller-fi…/search/…@
Watch Robert Reich’s informative video about this topic.
2. Tim Pawlenty
By now you have probably heard the news that former governor, Tim Pawlenty has thrown his hat into the gubernatorial ring. I am old enough to remember the mess he left after eight years leading Minnesota.
Read more about Pawlenty’s announcement here:…/…/
Our current governor, Mark Dayton does not mince words about Pawlenty’s decision to run again, stating that Pawlenty left Minnesota in disastrous financial shape and that his record as governor was abysmal. Read more here:…/…/
In light of recent reports of terrible conditions of public schools in Kentucky and Oklahoma, let’s not forget that Pawlenty slashed funding for Minnesota’s schools.
Want to see what school is like in Oklahoma? Watch this disturbing video.
And this one too.
Did I mention that Pawlenty will be a keynote speaker at an event hosted by one of the worst anti-gay hate groups in Minnesota? Blech.
Pawlenty is bad for Minnesota. What’s your takeaway from this? Elections have consequences. Make a commitment today to volunteer to help get a quality governor elected for Minnesota; a leader who will listen to and work for the great people in this state.…/04/tragedy-and-farce-tim-pawlenty
3. Legislators Back in Action
Minnesota’s Congress is back in session. Check out Watch Your Reps MN for a detailed list of what’s going on at the Capitol.…/watchyourrepsmn-action-alert-for-week-…
Indivisible Minnesota Local is also a great resource for keeping track of local government issues.
US Congress also gets back in business this week. Here’s a link to the House voting schedule: the Senate:
Countable is a great website to keep track of important legislation. Also, GovTrack.
Sites to Check:
CD2Action, @CD2action
League of Women Voters MN
Dates to Remember
Tax Day Rally at the Capitol,
On Sunday, April 15th join fellow Minnesotans in protesting tax laws that benefit the richest Americans at the expense of the poor and working classes. Let’s get together and tell our government that we want them make laws the benefit the majority, not just their pocketbooks and election campaigns.
Look here for more information:
RSVP here:
Wednesday, April 18th Moms Demand Action Lobby Day at The Capitol
Join Moms Demand Action at the Capitol in St. Paul to meet with your representatives and urge them to support common sense gun safety measures. Meet at Christ Lutheran Church at 9:30am and then walk over to the Capitol after a brief training. We will rally in the Rotunda at 11am. Please wear your Moms Demand Action t-shirts or red!
Smith (202) 224-5641
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Governor Dayton-

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