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Monday 4/16 Call to Action


There was so much news Friday and this weekend, I'm just going to offer a few quick bullets, and you can Google for more.

- Trump, along with the UK and France struck chemical weapons sites in Syria, in retaliation for Russian/Syrian chemical weapons use.
- Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Mueller probe, indicated he's prepared to be fired.
- James Comey called Trump unethical; Trump called for Comey's jailing.  The GOP is trying to discredit Comey.
- The FBI seized recordings of conversations Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, had with others.
- Cohen has apparently been under investigation for months.
- There are reports Cohen traveled to Prague, during the campaign, corroborating a portion of the Steele Dossier.
- Cohen negotiated a deal to pay a Playboy Model 1.6 Million on behalf of RNC official Elliot Broidy, who was also involved in Middle East dealings, and had tried to influence Trump.
- The Justice Department General released a report disparaging Matthew McCabe's investigation of Clinton.
- Trump pardoned Scooter Libby, possibly to send a signal to those implicated in the Mueller probe that he may pardon them.
- The Trump administration implemented additional sanctions on Russia, for its actions in Syria.

Hope I didn't miss anything.

1. Call about Syria.  You may support or oppose the strikes, but Trump is taking action without authorization from Congress.  Congress should exercise its power of oversight.

2. From Indivisible MN Local, call to oppose:
Call to Action Indivisible MN Local (4/14/18)
Anti-protest + Trespass bill (HF 3693/SF 3463)

This nefarious bill is sailing under many a civic activist's radar. It’s already passed committees in both houses and will soon be voted on or slipped into an omnibus. This bill increases the penalties for trespass on “critical infrastructure.” It also, incredibly, expands liability to the groups that those convicted of trespass or damages belong to. (The bills extend “civil and criminal liability to a group or organization that recruits, trains, aids, hires, or conspires with an individual to commit criminal trespass or damage to property,” according to a House Research summary.)

The environmental groups point out that this is a GOP, pro-fossil fuel maneuver aimed at pipeline protesters and the organizations that support their work. According to the ACLU, “this bill is unconstitutional, undemocratic, and unnecessary.” It's unnecessary b/c there are already laws against trespass, etc.

3. Also at the state level, oppose HF 3693/SF 3463

"Tell your state legislators to VOTE NO to a bill that would make anybody responsible if they are even remotely associated with a protest or assembly in which damage or trespass to critical infrastructure (i.e., pipelines, roads, bridges) occurs.

Minnesota already has laws in place to protect critical infrastructure. HF 3693/SF 3463 is not about protecting Minnesotans — it’s a bill driven by corporate interest groups designed to restrict and discourage assembly and free speech. This bill is unconstitutional, undemocratic, and unnecessary."

Sites to Check:
CD2Action, @CD2action

MN02 Congress Watch

League of Women Voters MN

Dates to Remember

Tax Day Rally at the Capitol and March for Science
If you've been in Minnesota, you may have noticed some light snowfall.  The two marches scheduled for this weekend: the Tax March and March for Science were both postponed.  Future dates will be announced.

Wednesday, April 18th Moms Demand Action Lobby Day at The Capitol
Join Moms Demand Action at the Capitol in St. Paul to meet with your representatives and urge them to support common sense gun safety measures. Meet at Christ Lutheran Church at 9:30am and then walk over to the Capitol after a brief training. We will rally in the Rotunda at 11am. Please wear your Moms Demand Action t-shirts or red!

April 20th #NationalSchoolWalkout
Find an event in your area

Smith (202) 224-5641
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Governor Dayton-

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