Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday 4/12 Call to Action

Thursday 4/12 

1. Mike Pompeo 
This morning the Senate will vote on the confirmation of Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State. Pompeo, like many of Trump’s nominees, has a questionable background. He has a record of anti-muslim statements, his views on torture are questionable, and he does not have the character one should have for diplomacy when representing our country. Senator Smith has said she would vote No on Pompeo, but we have not heard how Senator Klobuchar will vote. Let’s put the pressure on her right away.

2. Mississippi and Kawishiwi Rivers on named most ‘endangered rivers’ list
A stretch of the Mississippi River and the Kawishiwi River, which runs in and out of the BWCA, has made the endangered list by American Rivers, an environmental advocacy group. The threat with the Kawishiwi River has to do with the sulfide-ore copper mining being proposed. That mining would take place upstream and contaminate water that for now is clean.
A series of outdated lock and dams along a stretch of the Mississippi from St. Anthony Falls to the Ford Dam have created pool like conditions, and getting rid of the dams would revitalize the river. Tell Congress to protect our waters and our environment.

3. Bipartisan bill to protect Mueller
Republican Sens. Thom Tillis and Lindsey Graham, as well as Democratic Sens. Chris Coons and Cory Booker, introduced a bill Wednesday that would help protect Mueller from being fired without “good cause.” The legislation would allow any fired special counsel to challenge his or her dismissal in court. The senators previously introduced two separate bills, and Wednesday’s bill effectively merges them.
California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, said she supports the bill but also expressed concern that it could be neutered through amendments on the Senate floor.”

If you haven’t already, sign up for’s Nobody is Above The Law Mueller (and now Rosenstein) Firing Rapid Response. There will be plenty of options for where you can go. Find out more here:

4. Legislators Back in Action
Minnesota’s Congress is back in session. Check out Watch Your Reps MN for a detailed list of what’s going on at the Capitol.…/watchyourrepsmn-action-alert-for-week-…
Indivisible Minnesota Local is also a great resource for keeping track of local government issues.
US Congress also gets back in business this week. Here’s a link to the House voting schedule: the Senate:
Countable is a great website to keep track of important legislation. Also, GovTrack.
Sites to Check:
CD2Action, @CD2action
MN02 Congress Watch
League of Women Voters MN
Dates to Remember:
Tax Day Rally at the Capitol,
On Sunday, April 15th join fellow Minnesotans in protesting tax laws that benefit the richest Americans at the expense of the poor and working classes. Let’s get together and tell our government that we want them make laws the benefit the majority, not just their pocketbooks and election campaigns.
Look here for more information:
Wednesday, April 18th Moms Demand Action Lobby Day at The Capitol
Join Moms Demand Action at the Capitol in St. Paul to meet with your representatives and urge them to support common sense gun safety measures. Meet at Christ Lutheran Church at 9:30am and then walk over to the Capitol after a brief training. We will rally in the Rotunda at 11am. Please wear your Moms Demand Action t-shirts or red!
Smith (202) 224-5641
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121

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