Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday 10/27 Call to Action

1. Garbage Budget
It was a close one (216-212), but the House managed to pass the budget resolution. (All of MN’s GOP Congressmen voted yea) While this budget will most likely not be implemented, it gives us an idea of what the GOP’s priorities are: cutting health care programs and safety nets for the poor. The most worrisome thing this budget does is allow the Senate to pass $1.5 trillion increase in debt and $5 trillion in tax cuts (for the wealthy) with only 51 votes.
The fact that the vote was almost tied gives us some hope. Perhaps there are some Republican members of Congress that believe that tax cuts for the wealthy are not a good idea. This is where we can apply pressure. When the GOP’s tax plan is released on November 1st, we must be ready to react loudly and often. We need to shine the spotlight on this terrible tax plan.
Read this twitter thread from MoveOn’s Ben Wikler:…/status/923573702092099584
Or this on from Indivisible’s Chad Bolt:…/status/923616697189314560
Is Erik Paulsen your representative? He is on the House Ways and Means Committee. Give him some extra attention.
There is so much happening at once and I find it difficult to focus. But this is one of these issues that will have devastating effects for years to come. It is worth the time to do some research on this and get ready. This is the issue that needs our attention. Remember, together we are a powerful force. Arm yourself with facts and the truth!
2. Our National Treasures
The Department of Interior has decided to increase the price of admission to our national parks from $30 to $75. They are also planning on slashing the National Park Service budget by about $300 million. Does this make you angry? Let them know! Yo can submit comments until November 23rd. or write a letter, 849 C Street, NW, Mail Stop: 2346 Washington, DC 20240.
3. The Scientists are Fighting Back
Former EPA staffers have followed in the footsteps of the Indivisible Guide and created a document that explains to us how to fight regulatory changes and make agencies listen. I think this is so great. Check it out!…/1kqFdVb0avt1GpGOX8daC-5SMlDO…/editBeing smart is so cool.
House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
MN Legislators:
Governor Dayton-
Congressional District 2 residents: Check out this website for information about groups and events in your area.
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