Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday, 10/19 Call To Action

Thursday, 10/19

Writing this for today felt like picking pieces of paper out of a hat on issues that continue on. These past nine months have felt like a lifetime. Don’t forget to take care of yourselves and unplug now and then.

1. Puerto Rico. Please keep making noise about Puerto Rico. With how things are going there you would think that Hurricane Maria had hit yesterday. More than 80% of the residents are without power, and more than a third of households do not have reliable drinking water. We have another Katrina on our hands.

2. The Honest Ads Act. Our very own Senator Klobuchar has co-authored this bill. “The Honest Ads Act, is an offshoot of the investigations into Russia's use of Facebook, Twitter and Google to influence the 2016 election. It would create federal disclosure requirements for political ads sold online — including who paid for them — so they are "covered by the same rules as ads sold on TV, radio, and satellite.” You can give her a call and thank her for this.

3. Open Enrollment. It is up to us to get people covered since the Trump administration won’t. Here is a really great enrollment toolkit. Please spread the word.

4. “The Russian Ambassador is Russian.” -Senator Franken. Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee had Jeff Sessions testify. Both of our Senators questioned Sessions. Feel free to give them a call and let them know they did a good job, especially when it came to Senator Franken questioning Sessions about the Russian interference. If you’d like to watch click the link below.

House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
Congressional District 2 residents: Check out this website for information about groups and events in your

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